Asbestos Removal Sydney: Don’t Ignore a Dangerous Problem

When ignored, asbestos can prove to be a very large problem.  As it sits, the fibres gradually spread throughout your home and as they are breathed in can cause severe lung damage.  These same fibres have been linked to variations of cancer.  Asbestos is a problem, and it can be found in a lot of homes in various forms of insulation that were built prior to the year 1975.  It isn’t something that someone should try to remove by themselves, but by seeking the help of a professional there are measures that can be taken.


There are procedures that can repair asbestos that isn’t damaged and contaminating the area.  There are two that are widely used as a form of resolution.

  • Sealing- You can put a sealant on the fibres causing them to essentially bind together so they can’t be released into the air.  This sealant is primarily used when the asbestos is affecting boilers as well as pipes.
  • Covering- It can be covered with a protective jacket or a wrap to prevent the fibres from spreading to the air.


There are 4 methods of removal that are used amongst professionals that are properly licensed.  They are:

  • Dry Stripping- Just ripping the insulation out
  • Wet Stripping- Dampening the asbestos with hot water, then removing.
  • High Pressure Removal- Using a high-pressure hose to hit tight corners, primarily used in an industrial setting.
  • Hot Stripping- The use of a proper air duct, ventilation, and hot air.

Dry stripping is the least recommended as it leads to a lot of dust and toxins in the air.  The most effective in a residential setting could be debated, but the hot stripping takes the maximum amount of effort to prevent the fibres from escaping.  Asbestos can be a very dangerous thing and taking the proper steps to remove it can prevent incredibly serious health conditions.

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