Asbestos Removal: Sydney, is It Necessary?

When we discover that our homes contain asbestos, a known cancer causing carcinogen, our first instinct will likely be to have it removed. This is for good reason, too. We rightfully feel that our lives could be at stake. However, removing the asbestos from your home is much easier said than done, and it may be better to leave it intact.

But, how do you know which direction to go? When determining whether or not to hire someone for asbestos removal, Sydney, it really comes down to its condition, location and activity.


If you do not plan on remodelling anytime soon, as long as the condition and location of the asbestos material fits the criteria, you should be okay in leaving it intact. However, if you do plan on doing any remodelling, of course you will want to make it part of your plan to include asbestos removal, Sydney. The particles that will become airborne due to the remodelling will be extremely hazardous to your health.


If the asbestos is still in good shape, with no signs of disintegration or deterioration, and you aren’t planning on doing any remodelling, there is no need for asbestos removal. Sydney, it’s okay to leave it alone as long as it remains in good condition.


If the asbestos is located in the attic, or another out of the way location in your home, and it is in good shape, that’s another indication that it’s generally okay to leave it intact. There is no reason to remove it if it’s not creating an issue.

Seal It or Cover It

If you choose the keep the asbestos, seal it with a specialty product that permanently binds the fibres together, or cover it by wrapping it or closing it off from the room where it’s located.

Some people will want to have it removed anyway, which is understandable. However, if you do go that route, it is important that you hire a professional to perform the asbestos removal, Sydney. They have the professional grade safety gear and the experience to do it safely.

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