Bathroom Demolitions: The Dangers of DIY Asbestos Removal, Sydney

Whether you are planning to remodel your bathrooms or you’re planning on full-blown bathroom demolitions, don’t let the size of the room fool you. A space as small as a bathroom could still be hiding unknown hazards. Before you begin the project, make sure that you are prepared for the possibility of needing asbestos removal, Sydney.

A lot of non-professionals out there will be quick to offer advice on how to remove asbestos as a do it yourself project. Unfortunately, anyone who follows such advice will be setting himself or herself up for direct exposure to the cancer-causing carcinogen. When it comes to asbestos removal, Sydney, you should always leave it to a professional, regardless of how small the project. Even the most limited exposure to asbestos can create serious health issues.

Asbestos Facts

No threshold of asbestos exposure has been established as being safe. What this means is that, anyone who is exposed to any amount of airborne asbestos particles for any length of time is susceptible to developing potentially deadly diseases and conditions.

When you inhale asbestos fibres, most of them are expelled. However, some become lodged inside the lungs, and those unwelcome guests remain there for the rest of your life. They cause scarring and lung inflammation, until eventually they lead to difficulty breathing, and deadly disease.

Exposure to asbestos increases the likelihood of developing diseases and severe health conditions, such as mesothelioma (a rare form of cancer), lung cancer, and asbestosis. In most cases, lung cancer and asbestosis don’t appear for 15 years or more after exposure to asbestos, and mesothelioma often isn’t developed until 30 years or longer after asbestos exposure. So, as you can see, the negative health effects continue to progress well after direct exposure to the asbestos has ended.

Why take the chance of exposing yourself? Even if your project is small, such as something related to bathroom demolitions, consider professional asbestos removal, Sydney. Your health depends on it.

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