Do-It-Yourself House Demolition, Sydney: Think Safety First!

Whether simply taking out a wall or planning an entire house demolition, Sydney do-it-yourself homeowners know that safety is key. If you’re considering taking on such a project, read the following safety tips before scheduling your house demolition. Sydney homeowner or not, safety should always come first.


As you plan your major renovation or house demolition, Sydney, view the demolition portion of it to be a project in itself. Don’t think of it as something quick that you do just to get it out of the way in order to move on to the ‘official’ project. Demolition work, like anything else, takes time and planning to do it correctly and safely.

So, make sure that you schedule enough time for the demolition set up, the demolition itself, and the demolition clean up. Have either the hauler or the bin set up, too, because, of course, you’ll need somewhere to put the house once you’ve demolished it!


Rather, no surprises! Before you begin the demolition project make sure you know what’s behind those walls and under those floors you’ll be tearing into. You don’t want to burst open any gas or water lines, even if they’ve been shut off. Gas and water can still be trapped inside, so proceed with caution and have a safety plan in place to contend with any unforeseen circumstances.

Of course, that brings up one of the most obvious tips: Make sure that all water and gas valves, as well as the electricity, are completely shut off. Check them more than once since it’s always possible that the valve wasn’t completely shut off the first time. This is critical to the safety of the project.


Aside from the necessity of investing in high quality demolition tools, you should also spend a little extra when buying safety gear. Invest in a good quality air respirator to ward off exposure to lead paint and asbestos, among other airborne hazards. Get the right pair of boots, too. They can go a long way in protecting your feet from falling debris or unseen floor hazards, like construction nails and glass.

When planning a do-it-yourself remodel or house demolition, Sydney homeowners, be sure to keep safety at the top of your checklist. That way, you’re sure to come out of it intact, which, of course, is more than you can say for the house!

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