Material Cost Savings Tips: Bathroom Strip Out to Bathroom Remodel

If you plan to remodel your bathroom, from the strip out to the finished product, you’ll find that it can be prohibitively expensive. From labour to materials, every dollar counts, and typically, every dollar is spent, too! However, by employing a few tips from the pros, you can cut back on unnecessary spending and still end up with a beautiful bathroom.

Ask Your Contractor

If you plan on using a contractor to help you with your bathroom remodel, consider asking him or her if they have any extra pieces of flooring, for example, from past projects. Chances are, especially with a bathroom remodel, the amount of material you will need to cover your floor and wall spaces won’t amount to a huge part of your budget, but you could really save money if the contractor could get extras that were typically out of your reach, pricewise. Not only would the finished bathroom look better than you envisioned, but it would cost you less, too.

Don’t Toss It

Before you even big the bathroom strip out, take a good look at what you’re getting rid of in there because you could have perfectly reusable items that could be either dressed up and reused for the same purpose, or repurposed for something else. You could also have items that are in good shape and could be used by someone else. In that case, consider donating the material to a facility that builds or remodels homes for the needy. Either way, you won’t be spending any money to get rid of it. In fact, if you can reuse some of it, you’ll be saving money.

Buy at Auction

Did you know that there are a lot of auction sites that sell new remodelling material? Everything from bathroom vanities to toilets can be found. Often, they may have a ding or dent that requires a quick coat of paint, or they’re just left over’s from big projects. These auctions can prove to be a gold mine for anyone who takes the time to search them out.

When you’re remodelling your bathroom, from strip out to the end result, save money by being savvy about how you dispose of and purchase your materials.

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