Sydney House Demolition: Consider the Circumstances

Is your old house getting in the way of your dream home, Sydney? Then, house demolition is the quickest way to get a jumpstart on your project. Before you leap right into the process though, consider that, even for the savviest of do it yourselfers, there are multiple benefits to hiring a professional demolition crew. Put simply, some projects require more precision and advanced planning.


Depending on where the home is located, Sydney, house demolition can pose a genuine threat to the safety of your neighbours and their property. If your home is in a congested area, where houses are positioned closely together, you will want to hire a professional demolition company to gauge the possible impact your demolition project could have on those around you. Otherwise, the results can literally be disastrous.


A structure that is contaminated (most commonly with asbestos) requires special handling during demolition, including the use of special techniques and equipment, in order to prevent the escalation or spread of the contamination.

Partial Demolition

If yours will not be a complete demolition, and you would like to retain part of the home for use during the demolition process, you will need a professional to help you sort out the logistics to ensure the home remains inhabitable.


The desire to reuse some of the items, such as cabinetry, requires that a professional remove the pieces you wish to retain. This will prevent unnecessary damage that could result from a nonprofessional attempting to remove them.

Special Construction

A building with special features, such as post-tensioned concrete structures, requires skilled workers to demolish simply because of the precision that is necessary to remove the materials without creating an undue hazard. This also applies to buildings that are unsafe due to extensive structural damage.

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